Tar and Chipping - Surface Dressing

Using tar and chip is a great way to do up, or redo a road surface. It has a much more natural look than asphalt which can integrate better into more natural surroundings.

We can use this method for small jobs (such as small driveways and paths) all they way though to large scale public use (such as public highways). We also provide a variety of different colours and sizes of the stone chips to give you the overall look you require.

For larger jobs we use the latest Secmair state of the art computer controlled tar and chip feeders. This has a one pass surface dressing system which allows the chips to be fed onto the hot tar binder within 1 second of its application. This means the binders (tar) have had virtually no time to lose any of its heat and will greatly increase the bond of the tar to the existing surface and the new stone chip.

This computer controlled system uses Lookrax software and can read the quality of the road surface before the new tar and chip surface is applied. This system can apply the new surface as a patch, part width of the road or a full blanket width up to 3.10m wide.

Tar And ChippingTar And Chipping servicesurface dressing