national snow clearanceSnow Clearance Services

Snow can cause disruption to any road, pathway or site, and with the huge potential for financial loss to your business and injury to staff or visitors, it is essential that it is managed and controlled. Get rid of the winter worries by letting Coast and Counties deal with snow and reduce that risk for you. 

No Job Too Big, No Job Too Small

We will clear small areas and footpaths manually and for larger areas such as roads or car parks we will clear mechanically. Rest assured when snow is forecast we have everything in place so if snow clearance is required we are ready to act.

Road Gritting Services

With our extensive experience as gritting contractors and knowledge of regional areas, we know that no two sites are the same, consequently requirements will be bespoke. Clear understanding of environmental variations enable us to calibrate equipment to deliver the exact amount of material required for the conditions at the time action is taken. We use fine material to ensure an even coverage.

How Does Gritting Work?

Salt is used to prevent ice forming; it does this by reducing the freezing point of moisture already on the road surface. The efficiency of salt becomes less as road temperatures fall towards minus 7C and below minus 10C salting is almost ineffective. Salt is not immediately effective when spread on top of ice and snow but becomes more effective when traffic has crushed and circulated the salt over the road surface. - Citation

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